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The Hope Fair’s support to Charities

Total Amount donated: 818625 THB & counting!

As we believe in a supporting the local community, part of the participating fee is donated to the kids and families in need in Klong toey, one of the biggest slums of Bangkok, through the Mercy Center. We firmly believe in giving back to the community and we hope you’ll support us in this endeavor.

Since 2014, The Hope Fair Bangkok's Vendors have given nearly 800 000 THB towards the needs of the kids of the slum of Klong Toey in the center of Bangkok, through the Mercy Centre. Together, we have contributed to repairing schools, sending kids to higher education, and other specific projects specially curated for our community generosity. The global donation receipt for each event is posted on our Facebook page after the fair.
The Mercy Center has a booth at all our events, and anyone attending the fair is invited to bring their donations such as clothes, households, shoes, etc. It is also a way for them to let the public know about their action and the Hope Fair involvement.
10 other charities from all over Thailand are invited and participating such as Sop Moei Arts, Fatima Center, Les Art'Isan Thailand, Isan Weaving, and many more. They offer a variety of quality products that are made by underprivileged groups. Discover them and their positive human and social impact at our events.

Why shop consciously? Ethics & Values.

The Hope Fair do select its vendors for the quality of their products and their values: sustainability, fair trade, social and ecological awareness, innovation, etc. Our mission is to increase the welfare of the animals, environment, and people involved in the production process.

Natural, organic, antibiotic-free, grass-fed etc. are in demands to create a better world, for our own body, for the animals, for the planet, for the future. Sustainable fashion minimize pollution and the use of raw materials, energy and water.
Part of shopping consciously is shopping locally to boost local economy as much as possible. This means your money goes to Bangkok entrepreneurs and businesses, and that supports the local employment.
We foster produced food and products with reduced negative impact on the environment. We also consider the way your food and other purchases are packaged. At the Hope Fair we strongly encourage you to reduce your own single-use plastic bag consumption by bringing your own reusable bag or bring back glass jar to the providers to refill !
What are the workplace conditions of the staff who worked to produce the clothes or food you buy? How do they compare with International standards? Buying things like Fairtrade encourages fair wages and safe working environments wherever the product is produced.
Conscious shopping considers the welfare of animals throughout their lives, including the way they are managed immediately prior to and during slaughter. No cosmetics testing on animals, happy grass-fed livestock, etc.

Companies are changing and even our culture is changing, all because of conscious consumers who have banded together in their commitment to shop according to their values. Are you awake and aware on social and ecological surroundings while shopping as we are? Do you want to know more about the production of the goods you are interested in? All the Hope Fair members are ready for your questions. You can meet them at our events, or if you are looking for something in particular, contact us, we will get you in touch directly. 

Be a vendor at our events !

Expand your customer database , Promote your business & products and talk directly to your target audience !

To participate to our events, you need to register with us first. To register, Please send us by email to: - The name of your company, phone number, and registered address - A copy of your Company Tax ID registration, or for Thai citizens (only), a copy of your ID card. - A link to your website, Facebook page, or other online presence. OR A few pictures & short description of your products.
Accordion Sample DescriptionOnce you have registered with us, and have been selected to participate in a coming event, you will receive an invitation for that specific event which will include all the details: date, Location, rates etc. If you wish to participate, please follow the instruction on that email. If you can not participate to the event you can just let us know and we will stop sending you invitation to that particular event, but you will stay registered with us for future events.
The Hope Fair supports the kids in need in the slums of Bangkok through the Mercy Centre: The vendor donation to our charity projects is included in the booth rental rate. As such, all the vendors donate to the charity automatically. We do NOT ask for a share of your sale revenue made during our events. The Mercy Center has a booth at all our events, and anyone attending the fair is invited to bring their own donations such as clothes, households, shoes, etc. It is also a way for them to let the public know about their action and the Hope Fair involvement. You can talk to them directly regarding the ongoing projects you are supporting by participating in our events.
- All vendors must have provided prior to booking a copy of Company Tax ID registration, or for Thai citizens a copy of ID card. - All vendors are asked to promote the event to the best of their ability, emailing, social networks, in building and schools, associations, etc. - All vendors are requested to organize the display of their booth in an esthetic manner and to respect the space allocated. - Tables and location will be pre-assigned, change of table or location is not permitted. - If you need electricity, please bring your own extension cable. - Dispose of your own garbage in the provided bins, do not leave waste at your table or area. - Food products have to be packed; there is no cooking on site. - No smoke or smell - Vendor must use equipment that does not leave a residue or other marking after use. - A protective covering must be placed on the floor for any F&B booth. - A cleaning surcharge of 5000 THB per booth will be applied if needed. - Loading and unloading is not permitted at the entrance of the Hotel. Please follow the instruction given in the email prior to the event. - NOTHING can be put, glued, taped, hanged on walls. - All payments made are non-refundable and non-transferable. - all payments made are non-refundable and non-transferable - The sale of counterfeit trademarked goods, any firearms, illegal fireworks or explosive materials, flammable materials and pornographic materials are strictly forbidden. Thank you

Want to see what our events look like? Watch our videos!